This naturally beautiful Reservation is rich in culture and tradition, and encompasses rolling prairie, ponderosa pine bluffs, meadows and badlands. Although it is rich in many ways, it is poor economically. One of the main purposes of Camp Laugh A Lot is simply to let kids have fun, laugh a lot and enjoy life with no worries. Having fun should be a normal part of childhood. Yet, for many children on this vast two million acre Reservation, which includes the two poorest counties in the U.S., life is tough. Many households are without running water, sewer or telephone. Poverty affects childhoods in profound ways. Given the poverty, the high unemployment and alcoholism rates in the adult population, and the small number of organized activities for children and youth, the increased gang violence on the Reservation is not surprising. The school dropout rate is the highest in the U.S. Go to http://www.lakotamall.com/oglalasiouxtribe/ for more information about Pine Ridge.








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