Board of Directors   Officers of Camp Laugh A Lot

Meet our all-volunteer Board of Directors and Officers.

Frankee White Dress, Director

Frankee is a member of the Oglala Lakota nation and lives on the Pine Ridge Reservation. Frankee has worked in the education field all her life, serving in important leadership positions, including as Principal of several schools on the Reservation, Department Head and School Reform Coordinator for the Pine Ridge School, Project Wakanyeja Program Director, Education Coordinator for the Tribe’s Head Start and Parent Child Centers and in her current position as Director of the Youth Shelter on the Reservation. She has been a teacher and administrator on the Reservation for more than three decades. She is committed to community development through education and has authored numerous papers on Lakota Community Leadership. Frankee cares deeply for the welfare of our animal relations. Over the years she has rescued many stray dogs and cats, and routinely has a house full of animals whom she is fostering. Frankee frequently volunteers her time for Camp Laugh A Lot -- taking everything in stride as she cares for all our relations, human and animal, one by one. Frankee is a member of the Board of Directors and currently serves as the President.


Alice Phelps, Director

Alice is a member of the Oglala Lakota nation and lives on the Pine Ridge Reservation where she is the Director of First Families Now, a 501c3 non-profit organization that provides vital necessities to children and families in high need communities. Prior to this, she was the Principal of the Wounded Knee District School on the Reservation. Alice graduated from Little Wound High School, then earned a Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education from Oglala Lakota College (OLC), and a Master’s degree in Education Administration from OLC in 2004. She taught school at Rockyford School on the Reservation for seven years before becoming Principal at OLL for the next six years. Alice and her family travel the pow wow circuit, dancing and singing. In addition to competing in jingle dress competitions, Alice was honored with being the head woman’s judge at the United Tribes pow wow. Alice gives a great deal of credit to her family and tiospaye, and to the Looks Twice and Jumping Eagle families who helped set her roots, her foundation for her self-identity, and her cultural values and goals. Alice is a member of the Board of Directors.


Virginia Ravndal, Director

Virginia is a senior Advisor to the United Nations on nature and wildlife conservation and has undertaken assignments for the U.N. in more than 50 countries around the world. Virginia grew up in South America and has devoted much of her life to enhancing the welfare of animals and people in need. Virginia lived along the Wounded Knee Creek on the Pine Ridge Reservation and founded Camp Laugh A Lot because of the need expressed by Tribal elders to provide children with more after-school outdoor opportunities, and because of her desire to inspire children to care for nature and our four-legged relations. Virginia is also the founder of the Lakota Animal Care Project, a 501c3 non-profit organization that provided the basic animal health care for dogs and cats on the Reservation over the span of a decade. According to Virginia, life is better with a four-legged friend, and better still when you can hear the laughter of children enjoying life with a four-legged friend! Virginia is a member of the Board of Directors and currently serves as Secretary.


Jody Brewer, Director

Jody is an enrolled Oglala Lakota Tribal member who has spent her almost 40-year career as a passionate educator working with students across the Pine Ridge Reservation. She has been both teacher and school administrator. She is currently Principal of Pahin Sinte Owayawa school in the community of Porcupine on the Pine Ridge Reservation. In addition to her role as school administrator, Jody is also currently an adjunct teacher at Oglala Lakota College. Jody is mother to six adult children and grandmother to several. In addition to her many other pursuits, Jody is working on her Doctorate degree in Educational Leadership at Montana State University. Jody is dedicated to providing a quality education for the children of the Lakota nation and has worked tirelessly in the field of education for almost four decades. Jody is the newest member of the Camp Laugh A Lot Board of Directors.


Peggy Smith

Peggy is a respected local business owner who has not only successfully managed a full-time business for more than thirty years, but is also an active volunteer in her community, dedicating time to the local food bank and volunteering to help Camp Laugh A Lot in many important ways over the past several decades. She is a real animal lover and has helped to find homes for many dogs and horses in need. Peggy is a person of many talents, being not only a business owner but also a professional Physical Therapist as well as a certified horse massage therapist with the Masterson Method. Her never-ending energy and can-do attitude inspire others to work through challenges to seek good outcomes that help further our humanity and connection with others. Peggy serves as Treasurer.



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