Our Philosophy and Practice

  • The purpose of Camp Laugh A Lot is to provide fun, active, carefree times for Lakota kids to spend camping in the Black Hills, getting to know the Black Hills in a more intimate way than many of them might otherwise have the opportunity to.
  • Another purpose of Camp is to provide opportunities for Lakota kids to learn about nature and about indigenous knowledge of the natural world, helping to prepare them to be engaged in environmental issues as they mature. Recognizing that Lakota kids, like all other children from other Tribes around the world, have a greater probability of becoming decision makers in their communities compared with other children, and recognizing that environmental concerns are especially prevalent on Tribal lands, Camp strives to better prepare Lakota children to protect the environment thru greater awareness and appreciation of nature and of environmental issues.
  • Another purpose of Camp is to provide opportunities for Lakota kids to build positive relations with others, enhancing self-image and the awareness that every single individual has something important to give. Thru enhancing this awareness that we all have something important to give and thru the practice of service to others, Camp strives to instill the concept and practice of self-help.
  • Camp Laugh A Lot is not affiliated with any political party and has no political persuasion or agenda.
  • Camp Laugh A Lot is not affiliated with any church or religious organization and has no religious agenda.
  • Camp Laugh A Lot follows a practice of gender equality, striving to have equal numbers of females and males as campers, Camp Counselors and Board members.
  • Camp Laugh A Lot does not discriminate on the basis of race, color or creed.
  • Camp Laugh A Lot gives preference to qualified local people from the Pine Ridge Reservation to be involved in all aspects of Camp.
  • We seek to involve people in Camp who value all peoples, who cherish the diversity of life and cultures and who hold harsh feelings for none.
  • We seek to involve Lakota Tribal members as Camp Counselors and Camp Directors, providing role models for campers and small but important economic opportunities for Tribal members.
  • We seek to involve elders in many aspects of Camp. It is in large part because of elders that Camp was started.
  • We encourage campers and Counselors alike to engage in service projects, helping their communities, their neighbors, strangers and friends, thus enhancing self-image and the understanding that if we have something to give we can also give to ourselves-- we can engage in self-help.




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