Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteer as a Camp Counselor

Minimum commitment is one full week. You must pass a background check and drug test, have experience with children, like camping, like animals, be an active, outdoors person and be certified in First Aid.

Volunteer as Lifeguard

Minimum commitment is one full day. You must be a certified lifeguard and have lake life guarding experience.

Volunteer to be a Guest Presenter at Camps

There are many possibilities. Here are just a few. Search and Rescue Dog Teams, Guide Dogs & Other Service Animals, People with expertise in Natural Horsemanship, Fluent Lakota speakers, Canoeing teachers, People who can teach GPS-related activities, Veterinarians, Agility dog teams, etc.. Over the years Tribal elders have often come to share at Camp.

Volunteer with Logistical Support

We need to move canoes, move our cargo trailer with the camping equipment to and from the campsite, shop for food and other supplies, wash sleeping bags and clean and store other equipment after camp, and do other things which require extra people support.

Volunteer with Fund Raising Events and/or Grant Writing

To offer Camp to more children, we need help raising more funds. If you are an experienced grant writer, please help. If you would like to organize a fund-raising event for Camp wherever you live, please contact us and we can help you do so.

Contact us at camplaughalotsd@gmail.com to discuss volunteer opportunities for Summer, 2018.


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