Through carefully planned activities and approaches, Camp Laugh A Lot:

  • experience carefree days full of learning, fun and adventure in the Black Hills, the ancestral sacred land of the Lakota people (no longer part of the Reservation),
  • gain enhanced awareness and compassion for animals,
  • learn about nature and indigenous knowledge related to the natural world, thereby enhancing appreciation of nature as well as the capacity to care for the environment,
  • build positive relations with others,
  • enhance their self-image,
  • assume greater personal responsibility,
  • become involved in volunteering and participate in self-help initiatives.

Camp Activities

  • Nature Study
  • Hands on mini-clinic on natural horsemanship (communicating with horses and gentle horse riding)
  • Hands on activities about daily care of the sunkas (dogs) who share our lives. Every summer, one or two sunkas join at Camp.
  • Presentations about search and rescue dogs, guide dogs, and other service animals. (We invite real working dogs and other service animals and their people teammates to do these presentations.)
  • Activities on learning respect for animals and earning respect from them.
  • Communicating with animals. (Learning about some of the many languages being “spoken” all around us.)
  • Activities on “Think like a caterpillar, think like an eagle”, and “Be a Bee”.
  • Learning animal and plant names in Lakota.
  • Black Hills ecology.
  • Indigenous knowledge about the natural world
  • Team building activities (build positive relations with other people and include an animal on your team).
  • Hiking in and with nature.
  • Lake swimming.
  • Aquatic studies.
  • Silent canoeing.
  • Treasure hunts using nature clues and natural treasures.
  • Learning Lakota and other campfire songs and stories.
  • What we eat (healthy for the environment, healthy for us).
  • Kindness Counts Every Day in Every Way.

By providing these camping opportunities in the Black Hills, Lakota children spend time in an area sacred to their Tribe.







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